Common Digital Marketing Mistakes To AvoidAs we start a new year, one thing is undeniably clear. Digital marketing is here to stay, and it has become an important consideration for most companies when preparing a marketing budget. Enterprises and organizations are now spending the same amount of money on digital marketing as on Television advertising. This simply means that if your site is not fulfilling the latest development or you are not doing SEO or content marketing, then you might want to start doing so. However, jumping into the hype of various digital jargon prevalent online without a true and clear understanding of digital marketing and its results will quickly turn your marketing efforts into a damp squid with no significant results. That being said, here are the most common mistakes done in marketing that you will want to avoid.

Poor Planning

The absence of a cohesive and organized strategy is the biggest mistake that marketers make while making a strategy. This usually results in loss of money, wasted time and energy, not forgetting lost opportunities. Before you can invest on digital marketing, you should plan the following:

(i) Perform a SWOT analysis: This primarily involves finding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

(ii) Understand your market: A clear understanding of your competitors, demographics of your customers, trends of the market as well as the geographical boundaries.

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